Top 5 Game Killer Alternatives

If you are afraid to root your Android device and looking for an alternative for Gamekiller then you are at a right place. Here we have enlisted some other amazing and awesome Gamekiller alternative apps. We have enlisted some most commonly used and both root and non-root required apps. These apps can help you to hack or modify game values and resources a little bit same as Gamekiller App do. Some of these apps are not as good as Gamekiller but they offer you some features and functions Gamekiller don’t have. That’s why you can use them as an alternative for Gamekiller.

Top 5 Best Alternative For Gamekiller :


Lucky Patcher:

This is one of the most common applications used to hack or modify games. Lucky Patcher can help you to get rid of in-app purchases. So you can buy unlimited resources such as gems, coins, gold, etc, as much as you can. The one good thing about this app is that it doesn’t require root. Thus can work on non-rooted devices. Hence it is an efficient alternative for Gamekiller. But to avail more interesting features, we recommend you to root your device.


As considered to be the oldest of all game hacking apps, Creehack can be proven as one of the alternatives for Gamekiller.If you still don’t want to root your android device, then you should install CreeHack.This app too enables you to buy or purchase as much as resources absolutely for free without rooting your Android device. Also, it is a light-weighted application. Thus consumes less storage space.

Freedom App:

Freedom Apk works same as Lucky Patcher and CreeHack.But Freedom App works on rooted devices only. If your device is rooted then you can use Freedom App instead of Gamekiller as an alternative. There is not so much resemblance between Gamekiller and Freedom but provides a different compatibility.

Once installed grant root privileges, then purchase anything as much as unlimited. We can say that this app is a combination of Lucky Patcher and Gamekiller.


You may have heard of this app many times, as this app is one of its kind apps. This app too works on rooted devices. It is another Gamekiller alternative apps. It can auto-identify entered values same as Gamekiller and can change to desired values as per we entered. We can save our changes and can restore them later. Also, there are many other functions which can’t be explained. If you are looking for another app as an alternative for Gamekiller, then this is it.


GameGuardian is a very amazing app and is available in more than 90 languages. You can search and edit certain values in games and on emulators too. It also supports data-types such as Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto and many other. It is a perfect tool for hacking and modifying games in an instance of click. You can also raise your HP and SP while playing a game. You can also unlock various resources and can get rid of in-app purchases.

So you can use this app too.

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